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  1. Greetings Aida Team! I'm using this Software for quite some time now for monitoring my hardware along with the Logitech G19 LCD Keyboard. First of all, the sensors work as they should with everything "default" enabled. Problem is the LCD support for certain sensors (I think). with defaults and LCD running I got random freezes watching video or listening to music. even some games used to freeze and it always comes with a loud buzzing sound in all cases. however, I did some research and played around with the "stability" settings in Aida64Extreme by switching and testing. the "Low-level MSR operations" option turned out to be the culprit. with this one unchecked I get decent results with "DCP Latency Checker" even with G19 LDC activated. however, because of the missing "Low-Level MSR operations" I miss some sensors such as individual core speed, PCB temp or CPU power usage. I attached my Aida Hardware Report File as well as DCP Latency comparsions (defaults enabled, LCD disabled and LCD enabled but low-level MSR disabled). I hope there will be a fix for this issue because I'm missing some important sensors on my LCD display lately. best regards, Nokrahs Oliver nokrahsReportAida.txt
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