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  1. Hi again, ive attached a screenshot
  2. All is fixed with the latest update to Razer Synapse and Aida64 Beta 6.00.5129. As this is quite a new PC I'm still stress testing and trying to find my optimal settings. Inside HW Monitor i have a section that tells me if i have had any operating system errors for example WHEA errors and things like that. Is there anyway i can display that information on my sensor panel using Aida ?
  3. Hi Fiery.. I probably should have mentioned before I've been using the sensor panel for the last week or so with the LCD disabled and not had any problems.
  4. I'm having a small issue with aida64 when i enable Razer SwitchBlade LCD support. Everything is fine until i restart windows and i get the following error message: If i change the update Frequency it seems to change how often the error happens although it happens on every frequency I've tested at some point. Any help would be appreciated, ill list my specs below if there's any more information i can provide to help please let me know. Disabling LCD Support resolves the problem but i would like to get it working if possible. Aorus Xtreme Waterforce Z390 Aorus Xtreme Waterforce 2080TI Intel 9900k 32GB Trident Z Royal
  5. Working here too. Wanted to give it a few days before posting. No more freezing in windows 10 .. Great job :)
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