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  1. So the moment is finally came ! There is a really nice and strong community around Ubuntu Touch and it is getting lots of updates from UBports
  2. Can I have an answer, please? I'd really like to see AIDA64 on the OpenStore as it means lots of user can use this great app again! You can upload AIDA64 as a regular app with proprietary license, it doesn't need manual review btw, now OpenStore has it's own domain https://open-store.io/
  3. Actually, the AIDA64 app doesn't need to be unconfined (even if it has some special permission) so you can upload it to the OpenStore without requiring a manual review, so without the need to publish the source code (but if you changed idea and want to publish, it's welcome ) and choosing a proprietary license (as said by @mateo_salta) Thanks
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