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  1. Tried, the scenario remains : ( I've updated to the latest version for both bios and aida64 guess something wrong with my volt setting? any idea ? Thank you!
  2. Hi, I've met a issue with the FPU stress test, the system would crash instantly when I click the "Start" buttom it was ok to run a solo CPU stress test over 2 hour, but I just dont understand why it went wrong when conducting the FPU test. Any Ideas? many thanks! I've attached a AIDA64 report of my mobo my build CPU:7940x (1.15volt, OC 4.5ghz) MOBO:R6A RAM:Gskill 8G*4 4266mhz c17 (I set the frequency at 2133) PSU:AX1500i Report.txt
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