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  1. I get around 2000 from FPU VP8 benchmark. I get better memory scores than Ryzen 1800 from the database and very well comparable scores to other Ryzen 1600 CPUs in all CPU and FPU tests except FPU VP8 which is insanely low. Just wondering what might be the problem. Googled quite a bit on this but no one seems to be getting THIS low. Stress tests in AIDA64, IBT, Prime95, Memtest64 and Memtest86+ all shows everything ok and everything else I benchmark seems normal. AIDA64 Version 5.97.4600 Ryzen 1600 @ 3.8ghz / 2x 4GB 3066mhz 14-17-17-36 / Asus Prime B350 Plus(latest bios) PS. First post here so I hope I'm doing this right. EDIT: Oh and it uses all 12 threads to 100% while benchmarking. Highest I've got is 2315 as a score but it's usually between 1900-2000. EDIT2: Nothing changed and for no obvious reason now got 2600~.
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