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  1. Monitor 1 (Primary) is an Asus ROG Swift PG279Q, 27 inch. Display resolution is set to 2560 x 1440. Monitor 2 (Secondary) is a Samsung SyncMaster U28E510, 28 inch. Display resolution is set to a2560 x 1440. Old configuration had Monitor 1 as the prime with Monitor 2 to the left, both in Landscape Orientation. Windows Display settings had Monitor 2 showing up as Display 1, and monitor 2 identified as display 2. 3D display mode was off. Multiple displays were in Extended mode. I initially installed AIDA 64 Extreme and moved the Main window to the upper right corner of the secondary display (Monitor 2) physically located left of Monitor 1. I rarely moved the display from this position while I worked on Monitor 1. I changed the configuration by moving Monitor 2 physically to the right of Monitor 1. I opened the windows Display settings (right mouse on the Desktop), and used the mouse to interchange the Display windows to match the new configuration. This resulted on Display Identity 2 (Monitor 1) being on the left side of the settings screen and Identity 1 (Monitor 2) being on the right side. At this point, the main screen of AIDA64 disappeared from view when started, although the process seemed to run normally in task manager. GPU is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. I did not move or reverse the position of the Display Port cables; each stayed with its original monitor, plugged into the same port on the card. I've uploaded specs for the two monitors and a copy of the Display settings after the change. Please let me know if you need additional information.
  2. My Persistence (My wife calls it stubbornness:-) has led me to a solution for this problem. Here's what I did: I followed a post by Brian titled "Program won't display" in June of 2011. In it, Fiery suggested changing some registry values referring to WindowPosX and WindowPosY. He ended up suggesting the entire AIDA64 key be deleted along with the .ini file in the install directory. When I viewed the values for the two position values, I found WindowPosX=-1438 and WindowPosY=65. I thought the WindowPosX looked weird, so I changed it to 0. After starting things up again, the -1438 position was back and the main window did not display. So then I continued with Fiery's suggestion and deleted the AIDA64 key along with the .ini file in the install directory. Nothing rebuilt on re-start, so I reinstalled. Had the same problem and found WindowPosX to be -1438 again. I don't know why this value returned. I next set WindowPosX and WindowPosy both to zero. On my next open, the main window opened up in the upper left corner of my primary display (I have dual monitors). My persistence/stubbornness kept me wondering what could have caused this. Here is my best estimate of the cause. Two days ago, I reversed the sides of the monitors. Secondary had been on the left side of Primary, and I moved it to the right. The last time I opened AIDA64 Extreme, I had positioned it on the upper right corner of the secondary display. I suspect that moving the monitors and reconfiguring them under Windows left a position which was invalid (WindowsPosX=-1438). The window was probably open, but positioned well out of view with these X and Y values. Sorry for not finding this solution prior to my initial post, but I'm a slow thinker......
  3. I'm a new user, and purchased a license on Aug 24, 2018. The program ran very well until September. When I started it today (this is my first time to run it in September), it shows up in the Windows 10 system tray and will show an icon on the Task Bar. However, clicking on the taskbar icon does nothing; hovering on it shows a black screen. Right clicking on the system tray icon let's me open the Preferences Screen along with Show OSD Panel, Show Sensor Panel, Report Wizard, and Hide Main Window. But there is no Main Window. I've tried closing it via task manager, and even downloaded the Sep 4, 2018, beta. Uninstalled and re-installed the program. Get the same result from all. I have made no major changes to the system. I'm running an ASUS ROG X299 Rampage VI Extreme MB with an Intel i9 7900X processor. Graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. System Memory is 32 GB. Three drives: (Primary) 1TB Samsung 970 EVO PCIe NVME M.2, 2 TB Samsung NVME M.2, and 4 TB Western Digital Caviar. OS is Windows 10 Pro. No other programs respond this way.. I've looked through FAQs and other postings but haven't found a similar issue. Hopefully I'm missing something simple, but so far I'm puzzled.
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