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  1. Hi Fiery we had some problems instaling the v5.98 (due to internal security issues) Now this is installed, the report still gives the same error but does this after the ACPI section. I have managed to produce reports for each section in turn (ie. Computer ; Motherboard; OS; ...) Does this produce the same information as a full report? (if yes, then this will suffice for our needs) thanks for your help
  2. Motherboard is : Dell Inc 7810 DBE 0KJCC5 I didnt find any error messages in the ACPI sub-pages
  3. the motherboard info is as below the following is displayed when i click on the ACPI Please let me know if you need more details Thanks
  4. When II try to produce a report after running the software I get the following I tried producing a report for the separate sections and found that the problem occurs when the report for the ACPI section is being produced. When I try to produce a report for just the ACPI section I get 'Exception EOutofMemory in module aida.exe at 0025B7E out of memory' Can anyone help to resolve this problem.
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