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  1. hi just an update, for me to replicate the issue i had to put my laptop in the ''eco'' mode which basically disables the DGPU unless absolutely necessary. the mainstream version again saw it as a fake GPU but indeed the beta version did not. (I saw the power LED turn from blue to red when loading the Beta version of AIDA) This is something MSI programmed in the bios to indicate which GPU is turned on. So it seems fixed, if not I let you know
  2. Hi Fiery, You're right I think. When I checked to generate the report it's wasn't begin reported as fake anymore. But anyway I attached it anyway if it's anything usefull to you guys. Also I noticed that it now has a core clock when in the screenshot above it doesn't Report.txt
  3. Hello Forum, Since the latest update there is fake Nividia hardware detection. However it's doesn't work 100% well. My Mobile GTX 1050 is being reported as fake when it's definitely not a fake GPU
  4. Hi, Thanks for your anwser. I've checked the other apps you've mentioned and Aida only shows a charge counter. But it's indeed inaccurate. It now shows -107.5 mAh and the phone is still working at 39% so yeah.
  5. Hi, I have an new Nokia 8, today i transferd all my files in steps. After I was done i saw this. Should I be worried? No I didn't charge it out of the box completly (about 80%) I have the phone 3 days now Like I said I transfered my files in steps due to time, (300kb/s uuuughhhhh) So should I pay attention to this or not? Thanks
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