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  1. Maybe I was wrong and it´s somehow different now. It seems that the problem only exists after playing with nVidia 4x Downsampling, not in general...
  2. Hi Fiery, now I have a new GTX1070 with actual driver built 430.86 and still I got the same issue after quitting a game... AIDA64 (6.00.5100) Windows 10 pro 64 (1809) MB ASUS Z370-F (1412) CPU 8700K GPU ASUS GTX1070 Strix with latest Driver (430.86) Best regards Rick
  3. That´s great. Thank you! Feedback: "Works perfect, exactly what I desired!"
  4. Thank you for your answer, Fiery. Maybe I didn´t express well, because of my insufficient english skills. I didn´t wanted to say, that this behaviour is a bug of Aida64 and so far as I know Aida64 measures BCLK only one time at startup.' My BCLK is set to 100 MHz but varies between 99.9 and 100 MHz, due to default activated VRM-Spreading. Most of the time BCLK shows exactly 100, but even then, the clocks often are somewhat like 799-4798 MHz etc. (I suppose of not shown decimal places like 100,03). Is there a way to configure Aida64 in a config.file, so that I can define a static BCLK of 100 MHz?
  5. Hi, Ii there a way to fix BLCK in Aida64 at 100, so I can see more rounded numbers in my senson panel?
  6. Hi, in the last weeks I got irregularely 4 BSOD´s (WHEA 124) about 30s after I closed a game, in idle, while running the AIDA64 Sensor Panel or immeadetely starting it after playing. AIDA64 (5.98.4800) Windows 10 pro 64 (1809) MB ASUS Z370-F (1412) CPU 8700K GPU ASUS GTX560TI with latest Driver (391.35) All BSOD reports had in common, that they showed up the aida64.exe process. Could this be a GPU driver related Bug, as I read about in formar posts, or might this have other reasons? Is there anything I can do about it, to avoid crashing? Best regards Rick
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