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  1. Hy Fiery, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR REPLY!!! i have fixed this problem. Basicly it isnt a problem, its just a wrong Setting in the Adafruit Backpack (This is the Backpack https://www.adafruit.com/product/781). You must set the Display to auto-line-wrap off with 0xFE 0x44. It is not the problem from AIDA Software. But i have one Wish at the next Update for this ADAFRUIT DISPLAY. My Display is a RGB LCD, it would be nice if we can change the Color for the Display or a Background light if e.q. CPU is to hot Diplay turns from GREEN to RED. Greetings Daniel
  2. Hey Aida Team, i have some issues with this Adafruit LCD wich is recomended. On the two Pictures you can see what aida should do and what can i see on the Display. The First line is completely erased and the screen is flickering. The Adafruit Backpack is set to 20x4 LCD. When the Display is updating you can see the right setting for a millisecond. But if i change the LCD Setting in AIDA to 16x2, and leave the Backpack in 20x4 mode, the Screen isn flickering and the first line is there. I think you got a little problem with the 20x4 Driver. I have Searched for the code but i cant find it, to edit it if i found the failure. Please give me response for this BUG. I have extra ordert this overpriced 50€ LCD for it. Greetings Daniel from Germany VID_20181129_160917.mp4
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