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  1. OK-it seems to be in order - If AIDA64 Engineer is installed on another machine I've got the serial # - Just some confusion on my part with the two downloads - one of which is the USB Any helpful pointers welcome. There is so much info. within AIDA64, more than I understand right now
  2. OK I'm up and running with the initial installation - license arrived in the email. On the website there were 2 installations. 1).self extracting application 2) portable USB. With AIDA64 now open on the desktop how is the USB created to transfer to another system? - Just a little feedback needed here...thanks
  3. OK I've taken the plunge on this - When and how does the license number arrive? - Do I need to wait for this? - or is it automated?
  4. Ah OK I think I get the idea. So I would copy the contents from the USB drive to the desktop of the new machine (once installed/activated)-and this is it? - done and is it this simple?
  5. Hello, I'm looking for a good CPU monitoring app - I've found AIDA64. I build a number of PC's so I'm looking at the "engineer" version of AIDA64 - Will this work on as many PC systems as I need it to work on? - So if i've built 20 systems (just a made up number) will I be able to install/activate 20 times or 50 times or what ever is needed? Of course only 1 PC can be used at one time. I just don't wish to be prevented from installing/activating due to an unforseen restriction - thanks
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