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  1. So GPU CORE and GPU Diode are the exact same thing?
  2. Would a GT 1030 not provide GPU core readings?
  3. I go to what I can look at and t he only GPU temperature I can monitor relating to GPU is GPU diode not GPU core temperatures or anything of the sort.
  4. I noticed that I cannot monitor temperatures of GPU core #1 what not the only options I have are GPU diode,CPU diode,CPU,Motherboard and my SSD and HDD. So at first I thought this was a problem with Aida64 because my GPU usage was showing up as low as 10% in task manager. but I used HWMONITOR to look and it says that it is at 90-100%. So what I do want to know however, is why the GPU core #1#2, ETC option for temperature monitoring will not show up.
  5. Could you maybe tell me what to do/ link me to the latest forceware driver package for the gt 1030?
  6. I've tried updating my drivers and I wanna stress test my GPU, but it gives me the No Open CL capable gpu found. Its a gt 1030 so I dont know what that's all about. Also I did get a little note when trying to stress test my GPU I got an issue with TDR delay. Anyway to help fix this?
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