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  1. 1 hour ago, Fiery said:

    GT1030 only provides a single GPU temperature reading.  You can call it "GPU", "GPU Core" or "GPU Diode", it's the same thing for GT1030.  The thermal reading is provided by the ForceWare video driver, and measured by an on-die thermal diode located on the GPU die.

    So GPU CORE and GPU Diode are the exact same thing?

  2. I noticed that I cannot monitor temperatures of GPU core #1 what not the only options I have are GPU diode,CPU diode,CPU,Motherboard and my SSD and HDD. So at first I thought this was a problem with Aida64 because my GPU usage was showing up as low as 10% in task manager. but I used HWMONITOR to look and it says that it is at 90-100%. So what I do want to know however, is why the GPU core #1#2, ETC option for temperature monitoring will not show up.

  3. 10 minutes ago, Fiery said:

    TDR delay is automatically fixed by AIDA64.

    The OpenCL driver is not installed properly, so you gotta make sure to uninstall ForceWare and install the latest ForceWare WHQL driver package to make sure the OpenCL stack is properly installed.

    Could you maybe tell me what to do/ link me to the latest forceware driver package for the gt 1030?

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