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  1. I do not see this as such a big problem, because if you can put together the data you need, similar to the LCD's and only relavantes further, the string should not be too long. For what I imagined, that would be: - CPU load - CPU temperature - GPU load - GPU temperature - RAM occupancy The string could look like this: 25;55;30;45;3545; or: CL25,CT55,GL30,GT45,R3545; So only the most necessary joined together with separators. That makes 36 characters in the constelation, that is 360 bits. Maximum update at 9600 baud: 26 / s. But that's not all that much, sin
  2. That sounds like a very good idea for me. The problem is probably first in the hardware. I could not find any single LED strip, which can actually be controlled by the computer. But That would be the prerequisite for such a project. Nevertheless, theoretically it would already be possible. Individually controllable RGB LEDs are there enough, keyword WS2812 or Neopixel. A microcontroller could take control, which only needs to be fed with the relevant data. Once you have the opportunity to easily pass on these relevant data, hardware projects will not be long in coming. And maybe that
  3. A concrete project does not exist yet. The idea is to build a steampunk case and it always looks good when old analog gauges or segment displays are used. Driving the individual parts is no problem with an Arduino. But passing on the data to the microcontroller seems to be more difficult. During my research on the net I found a lot of demands, but only a few solutions. However, these solutions always consist of small self-written programs, which use either the shared memory of AIDA64 or the OpenHardwareMonitor library or their web interface. Without this monster of MS Visual Studio a
  4. Hi, it would be nice if there was the possibility to send sensor values unformatted as a number or percentage, via a serial port. Similar to the LCD displays, only without formatting, or pure numbers with separators. Together with a small GUI. Background is the simple evaluation of the data with a microcontroller and display in different ways. I imagine not only LCD or OLED, but rather seven segment display, nixi tubes or an analog pointer display. That would create a lot of possibilities.
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