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  1. Hello Fiery, Thanks for your feedback. From what I've been reading the Z370 motherboards struggles to power the i9 9900k (due to the VRM). My PSU is a EVGA 650w B3, which I believe is enough for the system. For the GPU I understand the sluggish, just don't understand not being able to stop the test. I will try to check the voltages for the CPU for more tests... thanks again
  2. Hi all, I´m having some problems when running the stress tests on my system. When running the CPU, Cache and Disks tests everything goes ok. Even temperatures are OK. Running the FPU stress test, my PC restarts immediately; Running the GPU stress test, the system struggles even to move the mouse and I can even stop the test. (Manual restart required) I´m currently running: i9 9900k Gigabyte z370n wifi 16GB Gskill 3200MHz RTX 2080 No overclocking is set on the MB. Everything set to auto. Any idea on how to better test this? thanks,
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