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  1. Wow, that worked. Made the change, started the program, and it finally ran and brought up the monitoring window.
  2. Manually updated to 1809 and same issue; as soon as I run AIDA and it scans SMART devices, boom, BSOD.
  3. ASRock FM2A88X Extreme6+ , I believe SATA is set as AHCI. No RAID arrays.
  4. It crashed on scanning SMART devices. Before I think it had crashed while checking CPU or memory. According to the memory dump, it was caused by ntoskrnl.exe.
  5. I just installed 5.99.4900 and right after launching the program, on the splash screen while scanning my machine, my computer crashes. The lovely new BSOD says it's a MEMORY_MANAGEMENT stop code. I'm on Win 10 1803, x64. The event viewer only says that my computer crashed from a bugcheck. I'm not overclocked. AMD A-10 5800k, 12GB DDR3 1866
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