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  1. Just disabled these. Will let you know Thanks for the quick help
  2. My system is fairly complicated tbh I have two external USB drives (10TB each, Seagate made). I also have a Vive link box and a Pimax 5K+. I use an external 10way fan controller for all fans. It's connected to the WATER fan header on my mobo. I use the Corsair H150i and use their software also. And I also have a front USB 4 port bay thingy. Which could be causing an issue?
  3. Hey folks I've been using AIDA64 for many years now. Recently, I was suffering from weird stutter, where the PC seems to halt work, the mouse skips on the screen. I couldn't pin it down for a while. But through trial-and-error, I realised it was AIDA64. Specs: delidded 8700K, 2080Ti, ASRock X370 mobo, 32GB 3200 DDR4 ram, running 5.99 version AIDA64 with one year license I do have the OSD running also Any thoughts?
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