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  1. Good day! I want to implement the creation of Incidents in HP ServiceDesk from incoming alarm triggers using HP Event. Where can I get the data (using PowerShell) that come to email?
  2. Everything is very strange. If I copy the script from Group Policy and create * .bat on the PC, then when I run this bat - everything works. And the report falls into the database. So why is politics not working? 1.bat
  3. Good day! I implement aida64be software for monitoring and collecting information in a domain. Set up a domain policy. The script looks like: / R / CSV / CUSTOM [\\ test-aida-001 \ C $ \ Shares \ AIDA64 \ aida64.rpf] / CSV2SQL [\\ test-aida-001 \ C $ \ Shares \ AIDA64] / ACCEPT / SAFE / SILENT. Reports to the database do not automatically fall. Have a name consisting of date and time. I do not see the name of the computer in the report. When loading reports into the database, I see only three tables. "Item", "ID", "Report". In the "Report" contains only a list of reports and all. The "Item" contains a detailed report, not the client PCs, but the server on which the AIDA64BE is installed. What am I not setting up or doing?
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