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  1. Hi.I am from Russia.The text I wrote using a translator,sorry if there are errors.I bought the computer parts, built them myself.Put Windows 10 home.I have an i5-8400 and gtx 1060 6 gb.Decided to download and play the game.At the time of game installation, the PC was completely clean.After playing for 15 minutes I got a blue screen and started restarting the computer.After rebooting decided to check again, knocked out after 10 minutes of play.Also started to knock when I was running windows.Decided to download program Aida64.Immediately checked all komplektuyuschie at a time.Knocked mistake.Then decided to do stress test separately.The error is knocked out on the cache, RAM and video card.Here are the screenshots of the errors:Sorry if wrote not to that section.Please help me.The processor does not heat up when tested above 45 degreesf
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