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  1. I am new at this. Just finished building this comp. ASROCK Taichi X299XE Motherboard, GForce GTX Titan video card, Samsung Pro 512 GB Ultra M2 Startup SSD, 2x Samsung Ultra M2 - 1TB SSD each, onboard storage, 3- Samsung - 1TB SSD - External Storage, RAM - Hyper X 2666 mhz, set 4 - 16 GB. I am trying to get my monitor to boot or start so that I can access my bios. My monitor plug in via a docking station for now until I purchase my gaming monitor, using a usb cable. I have downloaded the Window Boot on a flash drive, and have it in the slot ready to go. But my monitor will not display anything when trying to access the bios on startup. Can someone tell me what to do? Thanks
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