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  1. No, its the exact same as the screenshot Spider87 posted.
  2. Where do I find those? They are not listed in temperature sensors?
  3. Thats great, and a good step forward. When can we expect temperature values to be added?
  4. All of that works, but still nothing in the sensor panel. Thats what I am looking at the most
  5. Any news on a new beta build? Most of the other hardware monitors have been updated for the Radeon VII now. HwInfo, GpuZ, and others support it now. I love aida 64 as I can monitor my overclocked temps using my logitech keyboard with the LCD screen on it. Thanks for your prompt reply
  6. Thank you for your response. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  7. I've upgraded my license hoping it would fix the lack of any monitoring sensor for the Radeon VII that I have. Is there a plan to have an update soon?
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