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  1. Thanks, for the comment, I understand I wrote my own code to do it, I make a 1 time read of the eventlog data on bootup then calculated the other metrics in real time.
  2. Hello, Could you expand the Uptime statistics from the Uptime section of operating system to the external applications? all of the statistic would be ideal.
  3. Hi, I have HP Z620 with 2 CPU's the temperature sensor infomation for each core is reported but there is only one cpu package, vcore, power values. Are the single values from one core or average?
  4. I can see in BIOS and when I installed the ASUS Fan Expert 3, I removed Fan Expert 3 though. I believe that I removed all the fan expert things. I did leave driver for AMAD00 though, this has some files that looks similar to the FanExpert3 bits. Thanks
  5. The fans on this Z97 board seem to be missing? dump.txt
  6. Hi, I have a 2nd generation Intel CPU and some 3rd Generation, I noticed on the 3rd Generation chips the power for the GT Cores isn't reported is this by design? Thanks
  7. I have 5529, I guess just wait for Intel to fix it.
  8. CPU Multiplier 25 MHz TDC Limit 110 MHz TDP Limit 130 MHz 6-Core Ratio Limit 26 MHz 5-Core Ratio Limit 26 MHz 4-Core Ratio Limit 26 MHz 3-Core Ratio Limit 26 MHz 2-Core Ratio Limit 27 MHz 1-Core Ratio Limit 27 MHz These values should just be numbers not Mhz I also noticed the FSB is listed as 135 there, but in the overclock tab it's 133.3, which I think is the correct value.
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