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  1. Hello all! im in need of a little assistance from any of you bright minded people. Problem When playing certain games for example (League Of Legends) i normally get 400 fps and 32ms tried capping fps so you doesn't bounce around and it will still spike from the cap of 200fps to 100fps. At times it wont even be the fps but the game will look like its stuttering a little hard to explain in full detail what i'm experiencing i would have to record it and post it. This makes it really frustrating when trying to play competitively. The Rig GPU- GeForce GTX 1060 6gb RAM- 16 GB (2666MHz DDR4) Motherboard- Alienware Aurora R7
  2. Can someone please help me determine whats causing the over heating. I looked into this software to determine what was causing my games to studder, and get that odd fps drop but i dont know much about rigs so any pointers that would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!
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