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  1. makes perfect sense. thank you for being able to resolve this so quickly, even though this probably isnt a bug but rather a known limitation/conflict. i appreciate the help! - dna
  2. Hi Fiery, Amazing! It worked! I opened the menu this is what I found: "Controller (EC) Support" = enabled "Embedded Controller (EC) bank switching" = disabled So, per your instructions I diabled the "EC Support" option, rebooted, and now im back up and running. I don't get any of the CPU latency spikes like I was getting before. Can you explain what those options are for and why they may have been causing an issue? I really appreciate the help! - M
  3. Current beta is lagging the PC during gameplay and other intensive tasks. I’ve never experienced this before in the 15 years I’ve been using this tool and ~10 years using the OSD panel. So I spent a lot of time troubleshooting this because it never crossed my mind that AIDA64 would be a potential culprit. Indeed, when I completely close it, the latency spikes cease. this was tested on my primary rig (9900k, 2080ti, ASUS M11F, nvme/pcie system drive - with system overclocked and with optimized defaults.. doesn’t matter (ie I ruled out overclock instability) im going to test on secondary rig with 8700k, 2080 (non-Ti), ASUS M10H mobo, 970Evo nvme system drive will report back let me know what sort of diagnostics you’d like me to report to help get this situated -Cheers
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