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  1. thanks for this. My issue was actually being caused by having AIDA64 integrated into MSI Afterburner software (which adds some extra sensors/monitoring into Afterburner)
  2. Ok i get it now.. at first I was like "that option has been there for a long time" .. Then I figured out what you did. Alignment is not new, but what you did add is a new option within the dropdown called Justified which justifies the title and value separately. Thank you for adding this, much appreciated!
  3. Hello, I have used the AIDA64 OSD panel for a very long time.. maybe 10 years or so; I absolutely love it. One thing I would love to be able to do is to justify the title of each OSD Item separately from the reported values. i.e. - have all the titles be on the left and the values to the right, and the total width of the OSD Panel dependent on the longest title + value string. You can see in my screenshot how i have got it setup in a similar fashion, but I had to do so by using a specific number spaces after the item title and also using a monospaced font like Courier New (all characters
  4. ok so you think i should just approach the normal support team.. i can do that. it would be cool if we could get a group of people together to do this. if you have any contact info for someone i may be able to reach out to, please DM me and we can discuss that. We seem to be in agreement on one thing.. that a single user report to customer service will do very little to help. Of course I will do it anyways. I would absolutely love to have this data appear on my OSD panel.. opening iCUE to view my water temps (i have water temp probes positioned after the radiators, after the CPU and after the
  5. This makes sense. So my question to you would be this: given the nature of the issue and its complex history, what would be the best thing that I can do, as a Corsair consumer, to help motivate their development team to act on this. Contacting support is not likely to help, as this issue goes well beyond the scope of first-layer tech support. This appears to be a problem that senior technicians and developers need to be presented with, and I'm afraid that spending an hour explaining the problem to general tech support will be a waste of my free time. Maybe I'm wrong. I really don't know, which
  6. Motherboard: ASUS Maximus XI Formula OS: Win 10 Pro Hello, I am having an issue with the option in Stability settings that allows you to enable Corsair Link sensors. This, it seems, is pulling sensor data from my Commander Pro, which is a hub that connects several water temp probes, 6 radiator fans, and lighting strips. When i enable that option, I can see where I'm able to add the water temp sensors into my OSD panel, however, enabling the option in Stability section does something where it's screwing up the Corsair iCUE software. Once enabled in AIDA64, the iCUE software gets reall
  7. makes perfect sense. thank you for being able to resolve this so quickly, even though this probably isnt a bug but rather a known limitation/conflict. i appreciate the help! - dna
  8. Hi Fiery, Amazing! It worked! I opened the menu this is what I found: "Controller (EC) Support" = enabled "Embedded Controller (EC) bank switching" = disabled So, per your instructions I diabled the "EC Support" option, rebooted, and now im back up and running. I don't get any of the CPU latency spikes like I was getting before. Can you explain what those options are for and why they may have been causing an issue? I really appreciate the help! - M
  9. Current beta is lagging the PC during gameplay and other intensive tasks. I’ve never experienced this before in the 15 years I’ve been using this tool and ~10 years using the OSD panel. So I spent a lot of time troubleshooting this because it never crossed my mind that AIDA64 would be a potential culprit. Indeed, when I completely close it, the latency spikes cease. this was tested on my primary rig (9900k, 2080ti, ASUS M11F, nvme/pcie system drive - with system overclocked and with optimized defaults.. doesn’t matter (ie I ruled out overclock instability) im going to test on second
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