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  1. Motherboard: ASUS Maximus XI Formula OS: Win 10 Pro Hello, I am having an issue with the option in Stability settings that allows you to enable Corsair Link sensors. This, it seems, is pulling sensor data from my Commander Pro, which is a hub that connects several water temp probes, 6 radiator fans, and lighting strips. When i enable that option, I can see where I'm able to add the water temp sensors into my OSD panel, however, enabling the option in Stability section does something where it's screwing up the Corsair iCUE software. Once enabled in AIDA64, the iCUE software gets really buggy, the stops reading the Commander Pro correctly, sensors start dropping out, etc. Not sure if this is a problem with iCUE or a problem with AIDA64... both are currently updated using latest releases (AIDA64 on latest beta, iCUE on latest stable)
  2. makes perfect sense. thank you for being able to resolve this so quickly, even though this probably isnt a bug but rather a known limitation/conflict. i appreciate the help! - dna
  3. Hi Fiery, Amazing! It worked! I opened the menu this is what I found: "Controller (EC) Support" = enabled "Embedded Controller (EC) bank switching" = disabled So, per your instructions I diabled the "EC Support" option, rebooted, and now im back up and running. I don't get any of the CPU latency spikes like I was getting before. Can you explain what those options are for and why they may have been causing an issue? I really appreciate the help! - M
  4. Current beta is lagging the PC during gameplay and other intensive tasks. I’ve never experienced this before in the 15 years I’ve been using this tool and ~10 years using the OSD panel. So I spent a lot of time troubleshooting this because it never crossed my mind that AIDA64 would be a potential culprit. Indeed, when I completely close it, the latency spikes cease. this was tested on my primary rig (9900k, 2080ti, ASUS M11F, nvme/pcie system drive - with system overclocked and with optimized defaults.. doesn’t matter (ie I ruled out overclock instability) im going to test on secondary rig with 8700k, 2080 (non-Ti), ASUS M10H mobo, 970Evo nvme system drive will report back let me know what sort of diagnostics you’d like me to report to help get this situated -Cheers
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