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  1. Yeah it all update software and firmware too! I have notice it stop now and it running charm!! I use ODS Display instead Desktop Gadget that cause my KB freeze sometime. So far no issue here that stranger! Let hope keep that way. Thanks so much for your help
  2. My windows is running good but it just keyboard become freeze it won't shut down when shut down my pc everything are off but the key board stay on !!! When I try exit and close my aidi64 the keyboard display stay on it won't close! I have unplug my keyboard USB every time when it freeze again! Hope you can understand what I am trying saying
  3. Hello and I am new user and saw this forum which I didn't know lol! I having the problem with my Z10 keyboard keeping freeze lock after shut or reboot and sleep it by Aidi64 running OSD on my keyboard display. I have keep unplug every time when happen lock freeze so annoying and I have try update to latest beta version so it still no fix? Please can you fix this problem if possible? Thanks
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