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  1. I would not have expected such a quick reaction and implementation of my question - madness! And as proof... it runs like clockwork. Thank you very, very much again. Who knows what kind of stupid ideas I'll come up with next (running gauges with steppers via AIDA or something like that)?
  2. Wow this is really great! Many, many thanks for that
  3. In my case there will be two displays, namely the DED and PFLD displays mentioned above.
  4. That's the best news of the day. So the support of several displays for the East Rising protocol would have to be "only" activated in the end? Then I officially apply for multi-display-support for the East Rising protocol and implement it in one of the upcoming updates.
  5. Support for more than one OLED under AIDA? Why would you want that? During the construction of my simulator cockpit this idea came to me at first sight a bit unusual. I'm building the cockpit of a F-16 Viper and it has two displays: The DED (Data Entry Display) and the PFLD (Pilot Fault List Display). Appropriately, you can display them very well with a 256x64 ER-OLEDM032 with the SSD1322 chip. They fit almost perfectly from the size compared to the original in the F-16. Normally, if you are already building a simulator cockpit, you use classic BMS or DCS. However, I don't use both programs, but I only rebuild the cockpit (some might consider it an outrage that I mainly play Elite Dangerous). Using BMS you can display the correct content on DED and PFLD via the Shared Mem. As this is not the case with me, I came up with the idea to use AIDA64 for the display on both displays - the main thing is that something is displayed and so I display system information on the screens which I can make look very similar to the original thanks to AIDA. In a first attempt I took the LCD screens from a Logitech G510 for the DED and a second screen from a Logitech G13 gameboard. I found out that you can use both screens at the same time but the identical content is displayed on both screens. And now my idea: Why not integrate the support for more than one display in AIDA and the possibility to set the contents separately for each screen? At first glance, the spinning mill of a Simpitbuilder might open up other application possibilities?
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