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  1. Hello there Motherboard is in the title ... its the Pro II version if that maters. Running latest official version and there is no reading for 3.3-5-12v rails.
  2. Here you go ... and thanks ecdump.txt isasensordump.txt smbusdump_full.txt
  3. It looks like SIO to me, but I will need magnifying glass to read this one will post when I have the numbers. SIV don't say much either. Meanwhile any sensor dump that can be helpful?
  4. Why they are doing this ... everything is locked behind steel doors on these machines. Thermal management is killing me ... same BIOS for micro, SFF and MTower variants of that system and they expect somehow these 3 completely different chassis to perform the same. I can see a big Nuvoton chip on the Mobo, is that the controller in question? That's idle ...
  5. Any chance of reading data from HP f proprietary chips. Only software I can find that reads fan rpm and somewhat correct APU temp (AMD A8 6500b) is HP Performance Advisor.
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