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  1. Hello ! Nope I didn't. I have noticed though that if I checked the GPU option I will get a warning message that TDR delay is very low. but back to your question nope I only checked CPU FPU Cache and System Memory. The important thing is that Aida64 V6.00 is been running now for the last 16 hours but this time without Hardware info v6.08. Is it possible that there is some incompatibly issuses betweem both softwares ? I will try again WITH Hardware info today after a clean installation of windows and then report back, but for now it's working 100% stable without Hardware inf
  2. Hello, I'm currently having a problem with Aida64 version 6.00 After building my 2nd system I wanted to test the stability of it by running Aida64 stress test. The system did a sudden restart without any BSOD, I assumed that my system isn't stable so I deactivated the XMP Profile and reset all settings to stock and tried again but the system restarted after like 20 Minutes or so. Event viewer report an error caused by bug 0x0000016 I tested the same Version of Aida64 on my 1st System which is 100 % stable as I did a 24 hours stress test with Aida64 V5.99, but this system b
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