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  1. Thank you. With the recent beta release, disabling Grid+ V2/V3 sensors resolves the issue.
  2. Sure can. Installed firmware is V1.04 and can definitely can confirm the fans are being detected and working in CAM software via Grid+ V3
  3. Hi Fiery, Attached both USB Dump and Sensor Profiling Dump. If it helps this issue started straight after testing odospace. I have uninstalled RemotePanelSetup since then and disabled odospace in LCD options as well. However the issue still persists. Regards usbdump.txt sensorprof.txt
  4. Been having issues with Grid v3+ sensor taking so long to update (5000ms) that my whole SensorPanel is updating every 5-6 secs now. Don't really think it's working as i haven't been able to locate any fans within Aida64 that are connected to by NZXT Grid V3+. Is there anyway to disable it as i am unable to locate this under stability options.
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