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  1. I mentioned this in another thread as well, but I repasted this laptop with Arctic Silver 5 and now it works perfectly. I never see Overheating Detected and it never throttles no matter how long I run stability test now. I never would have believed how effective a repaste can be. It's like a totally different laptop! Thanks again Fiery.
  2. I repasted this laptop with Arctic Silver 5 and the problem went away. It never clocks down now no matter how long I run system stability test for. Thanks for your help Fiery.
  3. When I do a System Stability Test on this Thinkpad W541 with i7-4710MQ, it runs for a couple minutes with throttling between 0% and 20% averaging about 10%, and then all the clocks drop down to 798Mhz for a minute - then they go full speed again for a couple minutes before dropping once more. Sometimes when I'm playing a game it will suddenly turn into a slideshow, so I guess this is what's happening. I presume this is some kind of overheat protection beyond simple throttling. Is this to be expected with this system?
  4. Interesting. Maybe I will try liquid metal on this guy then to see if I can reduce the throttling. Does "Overheating Detected" simply mean that AIDA detected any amount of throttling? Or does it mean AIDA detected high core temperatures?
  5. I tried restarting. It still says overheating detected: The temps start high because the lappy needs to do a lot of thinking when starting up all the services and whatnot, but now they are settled again
  6. When I run the AIDA System Stability Test, it shows "Overheating Detected!" at all times, even before I've started a test, and the system is idle. Core temps look to be about 57 - is that so bad? Check out image:
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