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  1. On the first picture, it says: This is a 800x480 resolution 7-inch host display module, independent system, can be displayed directly plugged into the USB, does not occupy system resources。 It uses a software called u to get hardware monitoring information. This software has some drawbacks.
  2. I am very happy that you are interested in my design.Here are some things you might be interested in. 1,The OLED I use is a lattice screen,like LCD.It can display letters or grayscale pictures,it depends on my program. 2,The resolution of my screen is 256*64. 3,I designed to support only OLED screens driven by the SD1322 chip.If someone does need it and I have enough time, I will increase its support for other screens. 4,I want this module to process the data of the virtual COM port, and I don't want AIDA64 to directly control the screen.There are two reasons:(1),The screen needs to di
  3. hellow friends,I'm lighting from NanJING city,China.I'm making a cheap module to show some information about hardware,like How much the CPU/GPU/RAM/SSD is used ,and their temperature.I want this module is cheap enough and powerful enough,If we do not calculate the cost of OLED,it will cost no more than three dollars include PCB,MCU and others like resistor and capacitor in 0603.Now,I have designed PCB,once the program is completely ready,I will send the PCB drawing to the foundry.I finished 90% of the program part.But now I get a trouble.I used to use a software to get information I required,
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