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  1. I'm already on the newest BIOS for the board, which is from late July. Analyzing the issue further, I tested several other monitoring softwares in the past week (hwinfo, hwmonitor, LibreHWM (https://github.com/LibreHardwareMonitor/LibreHardwareMonitor )). None exhibit the issue. This needs a fix from the AIDA Developers. Realistically I don't see ASUS updating all the BIOS for their several dozens of AM4 boards, for one bug in a niche software (to be frank, the notion seems borderline delusional to me). Making things worse, not only is the temperature reporting inaccurate. A64 makes the board see the negative temperatures as the real measurements, which leads to fans that are throttling to a minimum. This bug seems extremely severe, we are talking about a monitoring software sabotaging the cooling on a system, which can lead to system instability and in extreme cases hardware damage.
  2. A variation of this bug, makes AIDA64 unusable for me. I use an ASUS ROG Strix B450 I + 3700X. After some uptime of the system, either some fans get stuck at the lowest RPM, which results in high temps or, even worse, the AIO PUMP shuts completely off. This leads to the processor overheating to over 100C fast, when under load. Additionally for some reason zen 2 doesn't shut down when temperatures breach the thermal limit. I have seen reports of units reaching 130C or more. So when you are not present to shut off the system, AIDA64 may damage your processor. This only happens with AIDA64, other monitoring software, like hwinfo, doesnt suffer from this.
  3. Hi, I just wanted to report that, when using the GPU temperature sensor in conjunction with a bar on the sensor panel, the bar does not change length and doesn't change color. I attached some images for clarification. AIDA64 (6.00.5146 Beta) Windows 10 pro 64 (1903) MB ASUS B450-I (2406) CPU 3700X GPU NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super (431.36) Edit: I found the culprit: myself. There were no default values in the bar section. After I set some limits it worked normally. I found another issue: After long sessions of sustained load sometimes the main board and / or the CPU thermal sensor jump to -84 degrees Celsius. This could be an issue with the main board and not with A64 though.
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