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  1. Hey Fiery, Thanks for the suggestions, I'll see if I can massage any of these for use in my project. One of the considerations I have that has kept me from using a pre-existing solution is that my 5 1/4 bays are vertical, so my display will be mounted portrait orientation vs the normal landscape to accommodate that.
  2. Hello, sorry to dig up this post but it looks everything said here applies to my problem. I've spent the last couple weeks trying to figure out how to get sensor values over a serial port, and Roy hit all the same roadblocks that I'm running into. I'm "Okay-ish" with coercing arduino based projects to do what I want them to do, but working with the PC side (dll's, shared memory, etc), I'm totally lost. My end-goal is to build a 128x64 graphical lcd into a panel I can put into my unused 5 1/4" bays. If I had the ability to send sensor values as formatted strings over a chosen serial port at a chosen baud rate, I could manage the arduino side to display those values. I understand the concern with providing a constrained solution, but here's an example of another program that I've successfully interfaced with in the past: https://x-sim.de/manual/uso.html This program reads telemetry data from racing/flying simulators to a variety of commerical devices, or by a customizable serial output for one-off projects. It was a pretty flexible way of getting specific data out over a serial port in an way that was easy to read. Maybe their implementation is a good jumping-off point for custom serial output in AIDA64. I can guess that adding something like this is no small task, but I think it would be very helpful for a lot of people. In the meantime, I think my best bet is to try and see if I can "fake" being a Adafruit serial-backpack to receive values, and from there I can display them as I'd like.
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