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  1. I am playing with the settings a bit at the moment. I can get it stable in normal windows usage and I get no errors in Ram test, even for hours. One other Idea I found is that it could be the Infintiy Fabric that is unstable, this would explain why dedicated Ram tests don't show any errors but I still get crashes under load.
  2. --UPDATE-- Went back up to xmp settings and Changed to PCIe Gen3 Still not 100% Stable with AIDA No problems in timespy so far
  3. --UPDATE-- I now lowered my RAM Speeds - I disabled the XMP2.0 Profile Now it seems stable - no crashes so far in TimeSpy and I could run the FPU Test in AIDA64 for 5 Minutes wihout a crash (at 93°C) But should my RAM/System not be able to run with its XMP Profile? Or are the XMP Profiles generally "bad" or less stabel than an manual OC?
  4. --UPDATE-- Ok tested it with a CoolerMaster 1000W PSU Same Problems Sometimes TimeSpy CPU runs sometimes it crashes Same for AIDA FPU Test
  5. Thanks for the quick answer! I will try to find another PSU to test. But I did another test with Ryzen Master open, there I can see the Wattage, Current etc. Wattage and Current seemed well within range, but the temps were rising quite steeply and I stopped the test at 90° CPU Temp Could the temps be the problem?
  6. Hello, I just build a new System CPU: Ryzen 3700X, Wraith Prism cooler MoBo: AsRock Taichi x570 Ram: G.Skill Trident Z 3600 (CL16) GPU: GTX780 (will be upgraded with a custom 5700xt) PUS: BeQuiet Dark Power 11 750W 80+Platinum I enabled the XMP2 Profile for my Ram everything else is stock no OC or anything. First I noticed a crash in 3DMark TimeSpys CPU Test - my system would just go black and restart, so ne freezes, no bluescreens. Then I ran AIDA64 in CPU mode - no crashes (10 min Run) Then I ran the FPU test - crash within seconds, agian no bluescreen just blackscreen and restart Is this normal for the new Ryzen generation? Or do I have a defective CPU? Greetings NIoSaT
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