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  1. Cool, this is very comprehendible! Thank you! I should have know!
  2. Hi, This seems odd. Your motherboard temperature should not adhere to your processor temperature. Please give Core Temp and HWiNFO32 a try (also RealTemp, too!). If all three software, including AIDA64, reports motherboard and CPU temperature are the same, then there might be some motherboard sensor or DMI table error. If it is only AIDA64 that is giving this strange reading, please debug the sensor by right clicking on the status bar and select Debug Sensor [Console] or something like that. Either reply to this thread with the result (copy and paste) or take screenshot of the window (copy and paste is better). Fiery might be able to help you with the next beta release of AIDA64. Hopefully this clears some things up! I wish I could be more of help to you. Take care!
  3. Hello, There is no error in these readings as far as I can see. During the system startup and when you are in BIOS, the computer always check every components to ensure that it works, thus applying load to the CPU, hence 44.5 degrees. When the Core i5 isn't being utilized, then the temperature would be 35 degrees. Go to the System Stability Test within AIDA64 > Tools and stress the CPU and FPU. Shortly, you will notice that your CPU temperature is close to 44.5 degree or is at 44.5 degrees. Hopefully this helps!
  4. Alright, thanks, even though I did enabled the DIMM sensor option in the preferences window already. To sat at least, some of the data HWiNFO32 provides may not be that bogus and sometimes seems reliable. The GMCH+PCH data always shows up on HWiNFO32, but it comes in and out when using AIDA64. AIDA64 at times display GMCH+PCH and DIMM temperature, and other times, it doesn't want to display anything but CPU core temperatures and HDD temperature. Thanks for the explanation!
  5. Hi, I don't know why AIDA64 is displaying less sensor information than HWiNFO32 (picture attached). Could this be with different method of AIDA64 accessing the SMI or reads the system sensor value? Hopefully this issue isn't happening with anyone else out there. Just wanted to shout it out. Please let me know what I should do, or whether I should debug the console. Thanks! Here is the AIDA64 sensor window: Here is the HWiNFO32 sensor window:
  6. Hi, I'd like to suggest that maybe AIDA64 can add an optional window somewhere in their program where a user can go there and view the core usage of individual cores of a processor just like the Activity Monitor's CPU Usage window on Mac OS X (see attachment). Sometimes when I benchmark or test processor, it's good to know bars (see attachment) of each cores instead of graphs. Please think about adding this and having the option in the Preferences window to set color of the progress bar, time polling intervals, and so on. It'd also be nice if the window can resize itself depending on how many core a computer processor have just like the CPU Usage window in Activity Monitor. This would be greatly appreciated and helpful as graphs (history) are not always useful compared to CPU Usage window (see attachment). Thanks, JBK untitled.bmp
  7. Hello, I would like to request that the AIDA64 program provide the necessary information for Western Digital hard drives just like it provides information for Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate, etc hard drives. All of the brand (except WD) displays hard drive name, codename, form factor, access speed, speed, cache, etc (see pic.) It would also be nice if AIDA64 can also offer information on noise level just like the picture attached shown. I hope the next beta or major release will feature WD hard drives and make the info more accessible just like other branded hard drive. Note that I used Hard Disk Sentinel 3.60 PRO to retrieve such information. Thanks, JBin
  8. Hello Fiery, Maybe for the next beta or stable release, can you please ask the AIDA64 team to convert Battery Voltage's value of mV to just V with 3 significant figures (Ex: 14.3 V, 12.0 V, 16.7 V, etc)? I know that I always read things in Voltage form and most people probably do as well. It doesn't bug me that much, but I still appreciate if you can please automactially let the program do the math and convert mV to V by means of dividing by 1000. hanks Fiery, I can't wait for the next release to see my changes taken. J.B.
  9. Hey Fyew-jit-tiv, I just have a quick random question, and was hoping maybe you can answer it for me. How do you post your system specs beneath your thread? It's really cool and I want to try it as well. Please guide me as I have no experience with it. Thanks so much! BK
  10. Hello AIDA64 Team, I was just curious when the next beta or stable release of AIDA64 will come out, or when AIDA64 v2 may come out. I am just excited to see the new 2011 Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processor families -- and of course the Sandy Bridge chipset. Thanks so much for the awesome product. It sure is 100% better than anything else I've used in the past - hands down. Sincerely, BK
  11. Thanks so much Fiery! It works perfectly!!!!! You Are THE Best! I will definitely use this feature no matter what!!! BK
  12. Hello, I would like to know for all the benchmark results (FPU Julia, etc) that is there a way to trash all of the results that are not relevant to me and just keep track of the results that I want to see? I am very picky about benchmark results. Please tell me (ste by step) how I can remove all of the results in each benchmark under Benchmark and add my own results. Thanks so much! BTW, I love the new stable release!
  13. Hello Fiery! Thank you so much for taking advice! I just downloaded the latest beta release and I have to be honest that the icons look very sharp. I hope it wasn't too much of hassle to you, and if it was, I greatly apologize. My idea, I think, made some people happy, and I am happy, too. I know there is still ways to go, but time will tell. Thank you SO MUCH again! Sincerely, Bin
  14. Hello Fiery, How often do beta releases go public (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly???)? I check the download page EVERY DAY just to see new betas or stable version. I heard that you guys will release 2.00 later this year and 3.00 in April or May 2011... can't wait... always the best software out there on the market! Worth of my purchase!! Thank you!
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