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  1. Just wanted to double check on this as it’s still telling me that WiFi isn’t connected.
  2. Any news on this? My app still is saying that I’m not connected to my WiFi and I’m just trying to figure out what whether this is a glitch or a real issue because I have other apps saying that I’m connected. Thanks
  3. Hello all, just a quick question about the network tab. I’m at home connected to my WiFi and just noticed that on the WiFi details, it says for both SSID and BSSID “not connected”? I’m logged in to my WiFi so shouldn’t it be giving my information from that or is something else up? Just wanted to double check because I had some strange information showing up on my network scanner saying I’m connected through IPv6 and to 3 different tunnel brokers. That’s strange because my ISP isn’t even offering IPv6 yet and I haven’t signed up for any IPv6 to IPv4 offerings. Thanks for the help.
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