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  1. A question that hits more to home, once I add the Strike7.DLL to the AIDA64 folder and boot up AIDA i see MadCatz tab in the preferences (all good so far) and I got the LCD items and build a display... now how Do I push this new display to my keyboard? Tutorial I watched said the AIDA64 icon should kinda just appear on the 2nd page of the VENOM touchpad when you open it.. nothing appears. I'm noticing a few issues like I can't get new icons on my Launcher page (maybe I have old or wrong software to load the laucher with or maybe it's a driver or firmware issue? When I open the Mad
  2. Hello, that was the one I tried. Noticed the API assembly is x86 mode only, whereas the programs i need are in x64 due to DX11 requirements. But the documentation makes it sound like the .NET wrapper will only work with x86 instead of x64 and like the 32bit C++ assembly was thrown in with it. Tried replacing the x86 C++ assembly with the x64 one and the .NET test app explodes haha. I'm also not seeing the Screen simulator they talked about in the readme in there anywhere. Sorry to be a bother I know this isn't your normal support topic, y'all are just my last hope ^.^
  3. Is there a 64bit version of the Strike7 SDK that you could share since madcatz site is gone I’ve been having a heck of a time trying to find it to work on custom projects for the keyboard.
  4. Is anyone still developing addon's for the keyboard? I was thinking of trying my hand at converting the FFXIV rainbow mage parser into a Venom (strike 7) compatible program which since their SDK kinda poofed I'm hoping this API is all I'll need now lol :P.
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