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  1. i am running catalyst 10.2 windows xp SP3
  2. ok, so i did some reading and it seems there is a option to turn on multigpu's. this was already enabled but i still see only sensors for 1 gpu. I also noticed that when i run aida64 my games crash, with or wothout the multigpu support :-( i also read about the ULPS, but i cant find it in the registry for window XP ( want to try and turn it off for stability ) so now my lcd is not usable with aida64...
  3. Hi, I have a system with a x1950xt crossfire setup, i am also using a alphacool LCD. i want to show the load and temperture of the two cards on the LCD. but i only see sensors for GPU 1 ?? motherboard is a formula maximus and i am running window xp ( yes i know :-) it is a retro build. also the temp of the CPU is always 60 degres no mather what load... Please help, if all this works i am buying aida64 extreme just to use the LDC
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