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  1. Fantastic! thank you very much, and if there is any information i can provide, please don't hesitate to ask!
  2. Yessir, this is what AMD said at least, they mentioned that they would be trying to work with or at least release documentation to more closely show this behavior in 3rd party monitoring apps, is this something you guys have gotten wind of or is it possible to implement at all? its not a huge deal, i just aesthetically dont like seeing the super spiky behaviour, not to mention it can make it harder to read the graphs. during load its absolutely fine as you would expect, its really just the idle behaviour with the whole race to idle thing. if theres any possibility of a short rolling average that would be awesome!
  3. i read on a reddit post that AMD are intending to rrelease documentation to implement the short rolling average that ryzen master uses to monitor its temps and that PBO2 uses to decide on thermal based boosting, however i am still seeing strange behaviour in my aida64 sensor panel, that has peaks >55c on idle and is reading anywhere from 5-15c higher than ryzen master. i dont mind the difference in temp so much as the peaking behaviour seeming very strange, is there any plans to implement the rolling average to better match the AMD monitoring? I've attached 2 images that show the differences in behaviour. FWIW i understand that aida is showing a histogram, however even with the line graph it was showing these spikes
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