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  1. Ok, I can understand that but how come ASUS AI Suite 3 is able to get that data? Just because it is Asus own program and I have Asus motherboard? So I can only hope that some future BIOS version will correct this (I have the latest BIOS installed)?
  2. Ok, made the screenshot and recorded the debug data. I am really novice at this but I also quickly looked through the sensor dump and it does seem like my T-sensor is listed in there. isasensordump.txt
  3. Well my problem is that AIDA64 only gives me one temperature value for Motherboard (not the T-sensor). When I go to Asus AI Suite 3 or BIOS I can see both the Motherboard temperatue and T-sensor temperature reported separately. I am wondering why is AIDA64 not picking up the T-senor data. I have the latest version of AIDA64 installed.
  4. Hi, I have ASUS Prime x470 Pro Motherboard. I just finished custom loop and was setting up water temperature sensor. I connected the 2-pin sensor to MB T-sensor connector. I can see the value from BIOS and from ASUS AI Suite III but when I check with AIDA64 Extreame that temperature sensor value is not displayed. I can only see my CPU, GPU , MB and 3 drive temperatures. The reason I would like to monitor this with AIDA64 is to display it in SensorPanel.
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