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  1. Hi i ve try everything still not spining at panel, it shows spining only at settings when adding the images 1 to 15. Any idea why. I set the correct rpms 0 - 3750 which is my fan speed and also tried and other settings 0 - 1500 etc but no luck. As well if you can upload the color vertion of fans.Thank you so much
  2. Any chance to send me the fan with purple/blue ring?
  3. THANKS i love too please with colors and if its possible can be bigger like 100x100? I ve got on quetion when i adding the fan at custom tshow animating spins from 0 to 15,but at the panel shows me the fan rpms without fan spining do you know why? Thanks a lot fantastic job
  4. Fantastic look awsome,did you finish them are super.Please when you finish can you send to me? Thanks
  5. great job can you send to me as well
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