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  1. I will try the new beta,in the main time i'am trying to attach the .rar file,but i have this error message: Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file Thanks
  2. Thnaks a lot for your help,i will do,and i will report... I have another question for you : i have noticed this option in the stability menù: SIGN UP TO SMBus by ACPI (MB ASUS) I have to enable or disable it? Now it's enabled... THANKS A LOT
  3. Hi to all, i have bought yesterday AIDA 64 EE only for use it on my Logitech G19 heyboard to monitor all of my pc. But after two hours of use I had the first blue screen with immediate restart of the PC, but I was not able to read the error message. All this has happened twice, now I'll try to disable automatic restart in order to post the error message, in the maintime anyone has any suggestions for me,please? Before installing AIDA64 all this was going on, the PC was super stable with no errors... I have read another post with an asus mb and I also try to uninstall the Asus Rog Utility o
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