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  1. I attached usb dump. I know that the evga flow control program is interfering with the aida64 sensor because there is a conflict with the evga flow control program, so I am not using the program. By the way, today's test confirmed that even using the LED sync function of evga Precision x1 (evga vga program) interferes with the sensor function of aida64. When the LED sync function is turned off at the precision, the CLC water temperature is normally displayed by kraken X -1. usb dump.txt
  2. Evga clc360 does not show pump speed and water temperature. In some previous versions, it didn't show up in 6.25.5468 beta. (Extreme version) Is there anyone who has the same problem as me?
  3. WOW! The problem is finally solved! Thank you very much for the quick update!
  4. Since updating to aquasuite X.5, information from the temperature sensor connected to the aquacomputer parbwerk is not output to aida64. The same is true of the latest beta version of aida64. In addition, the power consumption of the rtx 2080 super graphics card is not displayed in aida64 as a watt (displayed as TDP % only).
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