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  1. I'm sorry to disturb you again. We are still testing this problme. The current system freeze time is 4 minutes 30 seconds. In the environment we tested, the motherboard is 4-way, the installed CPU model is Intel Xeon Gold 6254, a total of 144 threads (72 cores), and the memory capacity is 384G (12 * 36G). Is the system stuck time normal? Have you tested the Intel Xeon Gold X200 series CPU? I use this series of CPUs to have the same problem on motherboards of different brands.
  2. Thank you very much for your reply. Can you please use AIDA64 to test the motherboard of Supermicro X11 series and verify whether it will be stuck for a long time, it is best to be in the same system environment. Large-capacity memory test to verify lag time in order to try to optimize.
  3. HI I have 6 Supermicro platforms, and I found the following problems when using AIDA64-620 version test. 1. On the motherboard of the Supermicro X11 series, the memory SPD information cannot be obtained 2. On the Supermicro X11 series motherboard, running the system stablity Test will be suspended for 15 minutes, and then resumed. 3. The memory speed test is not up to standard. The bandwidth obtained through the calculation formula should be 230G / s, but the result obtained through the AIDA64 test is only 160G / s. Our bandwidth calculation formula may be wrong. Can you provide a calculation Formula for bandwidth. Bandwidth = memory core frequency × number of memory bus bits × multiplication factor OS: windows 10 Professional Workstation Edition platforms:8049U-E1CR4T/BIOS 3.2/BMC 1..71/CPLD Version 04.b1.06 motherboard:X11QPH+CPU:4 * 6254memory:12 * M393A4K40BB2-CTD6YRAID: 9361-8iGPU:Quadro P2000 ssd:1* SSDPE2KE016T801
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