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  1. I also noticed that when I reassembled the computer and switched coolers the bios was reset and the memory went back to 2133MHz. So I just enambled xMP and it’s back at 3000mhz. Time to test again. Not sure if that’s a big deal ok no luck. After changing to XMP the memory speed increased to 3000mhz but it didnt resolve the system memory test crashing.
  2. Ok so the culprit has been found. If I run the SST with only the system memory it runs for about 5 seconds then the application doesn't respond anymore. I have to reboot the system. So now I'm wondering what adjustments can I make to fix this. I'm running 8x32(256gb) of corsair 3000 and I believe I enabled XMP
  3. Ran the FPU test by itself and no issues. CPU temp hit about 87C but ran smoothly.
  4. update. I ran the stress CPU subtest only. I stopped it after 11 min. Temp stayed right around 67C. So that's good I guess my CPU is fine. I'm wondering 1) what I should do next (which test)? 2) if not the CPU what can cause the TEMP to shoot up and lock the computer instantaneously?
  5. I just saw the temperature skyrocket and then locked up. It had been in that state for awhile before I gave up and powered down. I didn’t keep track of what subtests were triggered. Moving forward is there a better way for me to isolate this problem. One subtest at time ?
  6. Testing 3970x TR auros trx40 pro Wi-Fi corsair 8x32gb with xMP enabled Zotac GeForce gtx 1660 kraken x73 I ran the SST and it immediately crashed. The CPU temp line just shot right up and it locked up the system immediately. I didn’t keep track of what subtests were checked. What is the best way to proceed to figure out what my issue is? Ty
  7. I just finished a new build and ran a stability test. My setup is AORUS TRX40 PRO WIFI AMD 3970x corsair 8x32GB LP ram w/XMP enabled The moment I hit start on the test my computer would not respond I was forced to power down manually to stop the test.
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