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  1. Many thanks for your response. I installed CPU-Z, but you can't read an AGP bus clock with it. I didn't try the other two tools. The Internet is also silent when you enter the question of which tool can read the AGP bus clock. I will have to believe the motherboard manufacturer's statement, which reads: "During Overclocking, FSB enjoys better margin due to fixed AGP / PCI Buses" Gruß aus München Hannes AGP-Bus.dib
  2. Hello, I am 57 years old, I only have primary school English and therefore I have to use Google Translate (German-English) all the time :-( I am currently building an old system that will allow me to continue using my AGP graphics card and DDR1 SDRAM. The mainboard is an ASRock 775i65G, equipped with an Intel Q6700 quad core, FSB 266 / Multi 10, two Skill RAM's with 2,5/3/3/6 Now I wonder if the FSB increase from originally 200 to 266 Mbit / sec., or higher by overclocking, also affects my sound card in the PCI slot and also the graphics card in the AGP slot? ASRock writes: **FS
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