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  1. Hi tested the fix and its working nicely without any issue. Thanks for helping me to fix this guys. Eray.
  2. Hi I did turn off only one monitoring software I had running in background and it is CoreTemp ver. 1.15.1 and it seems to be ok interenstingly even the original version of AIDA v6.20.5300 is working just fine. I didnt think it would be problem because its only CPU monitoring software and I thought it would be connected with graphics card. But it looks like it did Iam really happy it looks like solved and working fine. Thank you for your help with diagnostic and solving this problem and I hope it wasnt too much inconvinience. Eray.
  3. Ok i have tested it and firstly system stability test seems to be working now but Computer / Sensor page is still freezing system and ATI SMBus Dump too freezes so if you want I will attach picture again
  4. ok so I dowloaded it form link and because its an standalone version there is no upgrading or is there? And its still freezing same as before but on different code in ATI SMBus Dump : Trying ATI I2C Device GPU #1 / B07 - D00... I tried to add photo as before but its too big so I could not Edit: so I edit the foto here it is I guess bottom status bar might be enough.
  5. Hi I added ATI GPU Registers file but ATI SMBus Dump freezed system so at least I took picture then it automaticaly restarted as always when it freezes atigpureg.txt
  6. 1) Yes Downloaded and installed yesterday from official link 2) Yes Downloaded and installed from official AMD page 3) First time it didnt but second time it did freezed whole system 4) NO
  7. Hi i just wanted to try aida for stability test and when i try to open stability test window system freezes. Any Idea why ? other stability test are working nicely (Ryzen Master, Cinebench 20 and CPU-z too and even Prime 95) Edit: Ryzen 5 3600 MB MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX newest BIOS 32GB RAM 3200Mhz CL16 and old R9 380
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