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  1. It detects the dll, but now it says "LCD Connect Failed". So far as I can tell, whatever logitech had in the old dlls might have been moved into LCore.exe now, which is disappointing. With LGS installed it seems it won't talk to aida until LCore is running...
  2. Question is basically as the title says. I have a G19 LCD by itself, only accompanied by the driver board; rest of the keyboard is gone. It worked fine on my old windows install, aida64 talked to LGS properly and I could get a picture up. Now I have reinstalled windows, and I want to try and get aida64 to output to the LCD again, only without having to install logitech bloatware. Is this possible? I have the G19 driver installed and the device showing up correctly. Now Aida64 appears to look for a LgLcdApi.dll, which I also have, but I don't know where to put it. Is this all it needs; the .dll in the right spot or will it only talk through the LGS crapware now? Older versions of aida64 used to talk ostensibly directly to the G19 LCD before LGS was a thing, so it's concievably possible.
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