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  1. HI, i cheked the lates beta version and issue still in. I cheked also the update frequenzy of all pages. Not only my sensorpanel is slow, all other sensore screens has the same update frequenzy. I used 100ms as well as all other values between 100ms and 3sec ( in 100ms steps). Update is always comming every 2-3 sec ( same also for system up and total runing time).
  2. Hi, not only my senor panel has this issue. I also see this in the sensor main page of Aida64 (scroll down to System time). Time is update all 2-3 sec only. Very very sporadic also 1-2sec. Update time set to 100ms for all.
  3. Ok, thank you. But why is in every sensor panel a delay from 2-3sec? Is there any way to split the sensor update ( maybe update all faster sensors as per config [1sec] and Aquaero values every2sec) ? Maybe this will help to fix this update issue for sensor panels. I know many members has this issue ( see Facebook comments in AIDA64 sensor panel thread).
  4. Same issue still observed with latest version from yesterday
  5. Is the attached logging file on previous post helpfully to find the issue ?
  6. Also with new Chipset driver and new Bios I observed the same issue. Any idea what is happens ? With HWinfo is all ok and no delay.
  7. Any idea what is happened? also another project saw runs without issue.
  8. --------[ AIDA64 Extreme ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version AIDA64 v6.32.5620 Beta/de Benchmark Modul 4.5.841.8-x64 Homepage http://www.aida64.com/ Berichtsart Kurzbericht Computer Ersteller Betriebssystem Microsoft Windows 10 Pr
  9. Hello, i have observed an issue with my new setup. I have an Asus crosshair VIII dark hero x570 mainboard with Ryzen9 5900x and 32GB Gskill DDR4 ram. Always when i active "Sytem near sensor " for temperaturre, i have a 3 sec delay with AIDA64. Also any change of the update time will not help. MY sensor panel and all values in aida are deleayed by 3sec ( in HWinfo is no delay). When i disable the "system near senosrs" i have no delay, baut mayn values inc. temparuture not more possible to log / see. See my attached picture AIDA version updated also to latest beta:
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