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  1. Hi everybody, I've decided to experiment a little bit with overclocking since my system is starting to get old. I've managed to take the cpu up to 4.5 Ghz with Cpu core voltage manual ovveride 1.27v and Cpu cache voltage manual ovveride 1.17. I also overclocked the ram not with the xmp profile but manually entering the latency values 10-11-10-30, speed 1866MHz voltage 1.50 as tested on the manufacturer's site (Corsair vengance LP two banks of 4gb). While doing the stability test with my previous setting (voltage 1.269 and 1.169) everything went well for about two hours. Today, however, it crushed (blue screen sad face error WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR ) out of the blue (just normal office activities nothing stressful for the cpu) So I turned up the voltage to 1.27 and 1.7 and everything went smoothly. Tonight I did the aida64 test again and the pc restarted by itself without any error screen. It's been a couple of days and no errors occured with 4.5 ghz, 1.27 cpu core voltage and 1.17 cpu cache voltage Am I doing something wrong? Should I turn up the voltage again? I attach the screens while I was doing the test, and the aida64 log. I frankly don't understand anything about all those voltage values, I don't know if they are correct. Motherboard asus z97i plus Noctua nh-d15 Temperatures are not a problem, the fans were running at low revs and anyway the temperature did not exceed 60 degrees. Any advice is welcome :) Report_2020-04-29_21-48-08_stat.htm.pdf
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